I promise myself that I will get some of my articles written and completely fix up my website before the night is over so I can begin sending out an appropriate newsletter for all my subscribers. At the beginning of the year, I started to rebrand my website and was spending most of the days working on my YouTube channel to get the growth that I desire. The channel is completed, and I believe it is where I want it to be. So what do I have left to do? I need to focus on this website and WhatsNewYouTube.com. (I will not be backlinking it because it is still in the works.)

What Is What’s New Youtube?

Since I spend most of my days on YouTube creating contents, I figure I would create a blog section focusing on what is going on with the YouTube community and how I can help other small channels grow through my own experience. Along with setting up tutorials and updating the world with what I have found to work, I will also be introducing reactions to channels that I came across. This blog is a niche for YouTube communities only. I have been searching for a website that is mainly focused on the YouTube news and introducing channels to creators, but I have yet to find any. Of course, there are channels focus on the dramas that go on in the YouTube communities, which is fun to watch – but there aren’t enough channels that are talking about the upcoming changes that YouTube has for content creators and all the things that are going on that can hurt creators or even help them grow.

My goal is to bring forward this information to anyone who is interested. Whether or not this website will rank up to catch the attention that it needs, I will not stop writing on there. This will be based off information that I find online and have fact-checked. I am not saying that it will all be proven or disproven, but it will be an updated site with my own personal commentary along with facts to back it up.

Reviews: Books, Applications, Software, and Many More

The other focus that will go on this page will be the reviews of books, applications, software, and many other products that can help anyone of all interest. Whether it be an affordable tool for work or a tip and trick on how to create an online presence. This site will have it for you. There are numbers of sites that are based on this niche but my site is not an affiliate market so you will get the bigger picture of how it all works. I am not receiving a commission to introduce these things to you. If I am, I will mention it just so you know. Most of the products that I come across; I want to share them because I believe in them. I hate having to search up tools and everything that comes up in the search engines are the same products with the same type of review just to get you to purchase or sign up. I do things to benefit me and since I am looking for things that work, I know other people are too. This is your hard earn money and money do not grow on trees. I believe that an honest review is the best way to introduce anyone to anything. People appreciate you more for your truth and your time for testing things out before they do. Trust me. I went through trials and errors just because someone said that a certain product is great, and it ends up not being great. Then I would lose out on money while they made a commission from my sale. How is that fair? It’s not but I fell for it and I have this need to keep trying things out cause me to fall for it, so it is not entirely their fault. There is just not enough websites out there that is truthful at all.

Personal Blogs

Along with everything that I have mentioned, I will be sharing my personal thoughts on this website as well, just so you know that I am just another average person who enjoys speaking to the world. My focus is on growth, whether it be personal development or creating an online business to creating contents to make extra money. In my personal blog, I will update my readers on my journey through life, how I manage to keep myself occupied while working from home and my relationships with friends and families. It’s a more personal side that I want to continue to write about because I know there is someone out there who wants to know if other people went through the same things that they have. Who knows? Maybe my life story will make other people feel better about theirs or it will help someone out. Not only will I focus completely on the health of my readers and myself, but I also want to write to keep myself writing because writer’s block is the devil in my life. Procrastination is second to it. I have a bad habit of procrastinating and not in a lazy way. I have issues keeping to one topic and forgetting to finish the last one.

I know that there are plenty of people who are going through what I go through and trust me, you will live.

If you would like to continue getting updates from me, sign up for the newsletter and I will be in your emails once new posts are up! Thanks again for reading this far. I appreciate it. I promise myself that I will not sleep tonight until everything that I need is up and running so I believe this will be a long and productive night. Have a great one!

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